We produce quality F1 & F2 Savannah Cats desired for exotic looks and magnitude.

Please notice the type, definition of pattern and of course temperament of these past F2's.

F2 Savannah Cats

Notice the wonderful tall ears on these F2 Savannah Cats. The first picture on left is of John Snow who has perfect high set of ears, the best I have ever seen on an F2 Savannah Cat.

Past kittens "John Snow", "Derek Morgan", "Boomer", "Castiel" were all are over 18 pounds by a year old.

Most sought after is large size and tall height which is only found in the first two generation (F1 & F2).

The F2 Savannah Cats pictured are prime examples of quality worth paying a higher price. Unfortunately some "BIG" name brand breeders produce quantity not quality.

More F2 Savannah Kittens produces by us.

All the GIRLS shown above have wonderful contrast of colors. I was really happy with these females as often males only have such coloration.

Male F2 Savannah Cats